Ripperton - Leonor's lanugo

by Ripperton



This is a really special release for me because I’ve been working on that
song during the 9 month of pregnancy of my girlfriend.
I was thinking about so many sensations.
I got so many unanswered questions;
I tried to put all these sensations in one song.
It’s all about heartbeat, existential questions and melodies of hope.

For the remix i couldn’t imagine better than Anders Ilar, he is the man !
This guy his really sensational and I feel really special when I’m listening
to his songs.
So it was really clear to me that he’d be the one remixing that track.
At the end, I’m really proud to have him onboard and thus, looking at his mental reinterpretation, I’m even more happy.

On this 1st EP of a series of two, you’ll find the original take as well as
the 1st remix. Watch out for the 2nd 12” which will follow soon.

This EP is dedicated to Leonor and Sonja my two sunshine’s
I really hope you’ll like this 12” as I was so happy and excited to do it

Ripperton February 2008


released February 1, 2008



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