Headless Ghost - Let's fall EP

by Headless Ghost



The Headless Ghost trilogy out on Tamed Musiq comes to a close with the EP ‘Let’s Fall’.
Headless Ghost, the analogue and 100% hardware project from Raphael Gros aka Ripperton has already seen him put out 2 acclaimed EP’s ‘Out’ and ‘77’. This third installment easily carries on their reputation with two remixes from fellow Swiss producers Deetron and Agnes. ‘Let’s Fall’ is easy to listen to, but in no way compromising the complexity of the productions, each remixer manages to bring a totally different angle to Headless Ghost’s ‘Let’s Fall’.
Headless Ghost’s original first track Let’s Fall has an almost mechanic atmosphere certainly fitting with the mode of production. Let’s fall skips through staccato samples and pounding basslines, the track is raw and dark without losing its melody
Deetron’s remix is a bouncing re-appropriation of Headless Ghost’s original track that maintains many of the same characteristics be it re-produced in a slightly lighter and higher sounding tone.
Agnes creates a languid rolling version of ‘Let’s Fall’, chopping and changing the placing of the samples in the track she maintains an almost lazy rhythm throughout




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